How to determine a great logistics company?

An ideal logistic service provider is communicative,efficient,reliable and competitive, one which compliments your business, acts like an extended arm of your company and provides your customers with a good experience. They help you seamlessly expand your business and achieve your growth goals. 

In today’s digital era, it has become more important to find an organization that delivers products safely to the customers and helps in optimizing the supply chain process. In absence of the appropriate partner with good experience and capability, there could be an increase in delayed shipments, passing on the wrong items, and overall reducing the customer satisfaction. Whereas a perfect logistic partner will fulfill your business demands and keep up with the  changing requirements of your business. 

This blog will put forth some important points that you should check while you look forward to working with a logistics company and guarantee a better outcome without much hassle. 

Key Points to consider while selecting a logistic partner 

1. Distribution Network 

The presence of logistics partners on a national or global level will determine how far you can reach with their services.  They should be capable of having a well-planned strategy to meet your distribution needs across the country. If your motive is to expand your business worldwide, make sure that the logistics company has good rates with the shipping line/airlines and it’s a bonus if they have their establishments in foreign lands and are reputable enough there too.

The distribution network of a logistic company will also determine the kind of transportation services they have. For a local or national shipment, trucks would be enough but for foreign supplies they need cargo to be shipped via sea or air freights. Understand whether they have any intentions of spreading the network to farther areas in future, the ones that incline with your targets.

2. Market Reputation – Reliability 

Like any other field, you gauge a company’s reliability looking at their work history and brand image among their clients. You would want to know their customer satisfaction rate and how they have performed in tough times or evolved with advanced technology and changing demands. The same can be viewed online or google reviews. 

Take some time to go through their portfolio thoroughly and their clientele. Compare their status with their competitors to get a better view of their outcomes. 

3. Customer service 

This is where most of the companies face a lot of complaints from the customers when they are unsatisfied with the communication. A great customer service team however, won’t come across such issues and ensure clear, polite, and prompt conversation without missing any detail in the message.

It’s a must to have a robust customer service team in a logistic company as it will be well-informed about the constant developments during transportation and overall operations as well as keep the clients updated in all ways. They should know when the goods reach their intended destination immediately and also communicate the reasons for delay or uncertain issues that come up during transportation. 

4. Technical advancement 

A technically equipped logistic partner will act as a great support system to your business and make it flourish. How? It uplifts the coordinating and supervising activities in transportation and warehouse management. 

Moreover, a well-organized advanced set up and capable team will speed up the overall process, plus ensure that the backup plans and repairing kits are in place when required. Adapting the latest technology not just enhances the supply chain, but also minimizes the costs and errors. 

5. Offering Multiple Services

For a container to be shipped from Point A to Point B often requires multiple type of services to be carried out i.e. – Transportation, customs clearance and ocean transportation. 

One should find a logistics company who can offer all services under one roof, this allows the customer to avoid coordination with multiple vendors and make the shipment hassle-free. 

6. Cost Friendly

A good logistics company should be able to offer competitive rates to its customers through the good relation it shares with the shipping lines or airlines. Cheaper services might not always be the best. Do some on-field research, know everything that is included in the charges, check if it’s valid, compare and then go ahead with the one which offers a fine balance of price and outcome both. 

7. Sustainability 

If you’re a company who is conscious about carbon emissions then you should work with a logistics company who takes proactive steps in ensuring its carbon footprint is under control. This will not only help you get a lot of tax benefits but  also allow you to portray yourself as an environmentally friendly company. So when you look up for a logistic partner, you should think of how they are in terms of being an environment friendly organization. 

A logistics company that serves sustainable transport and distribution methods, is focused on reducing the carbon footprints through their activities, and scrap the traditional methods of packaging while replacing the modern eco-friendly solutions, is a go to option. 

These factors are crucial to keep in mind while approaching a logistics service provider. Transatlantic logistics has been offering these services and constantly evolving with respect to mentioned factors regularly.

With more than decade of experience, our global presence has grown better with time and cover assistance in air freight, sea freight, rail freight as well as road freights. We are also well-equipped in warehousing and custom clearance activities. Contact us, if you look forward to have hassle-free logistic solution and uplift your business. 

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